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Interasia Lines to Enhance Korea, China & Chennai Direct Services

Interasia Lines is pleased to announce a new weekly Korea & China direct service to Chennai to be named IKI-2Interasia-Korea-India Service Loop 2’ commencing in early June 2017, with service rotations calling :
Pusan - *Qingdao - Shanghai - Shekou - Singapore - Port Klang - Chennai - Port Klang - Singapore - Manila - Pusan (*Tentatively non-participation for Qingdao.)

With this new service introduction, Interasia Lines will provide shippers with another service frequency for Korea and China with Chennai market in both directions. This product further enhances Interasia Lines’ existing Chennai service coverage, thus providing at least 5 weekly services available from Chennai to Intra-Asia corridors and via Singapore and Port Klang transshipment to other trunk services. Furthermore, shippers will be provided with twice a week schedule options for Korea and China connecting the East India markets.

This service addition also enhances Interasia Lines’ commitment to provide more reliable service options and to better serve shippers’ and consignees’ diverse needs between Asia and the India market.