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Interasia Lines adding Korea, China & Malaysia Service

Interasia Lines to Launch Korea, China & Southeast Asia Service

Interasia Lines is pleased to announce its participation on the Korea-China-Malaysia Service or “KCM” with the following port rotations.

Pusan - Incheon - Qingdao - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Port Klang (Northport& Westport) - Pasir Gudang - Singapore - Hong Kong -Pusan

With expected commencement around 20th December 2018 at Pusan, Interasia Lines will be able to provide shippers direct access from Korea & China to Straits areas and in both directions.

This is another step forward for Interasia Lines to develop its service networks for Northeast and Southeast Asia trade corridors. At the same time, this will provide another connecting service via Port Klang and Singapore supporting our existing Intra-Asia and West Asia service networks.

With this new service development, Interasia Lines is continuing market expansions to better serve the customers’ diverse needs for both Intra-Asia & India Sub-Continental trades.