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Interasia Lines to Launch Korea - Hai Phong Direct Services

Interasia Lines is pleased to announce twice weekly new Korea-Hai Phong direct services to be respectively named IKHInterasia-Korea-Haiphong service’ and IKH2Interasia-Korea-Haiphong service 2’ commencing around June 2017.

The port rotations as follows

IKH: Pusan - Ulsan - Hong Kong - Hai Phong - Hong Kong - Kwangyang - Pusan


IKH2: Pusan - Ulsan - Kwangyang - Hong Kong(midstream) - Hai Phong - Ningbo - Shanghai - Pusan

With these new service loops, Interasia Lines will provide shippers with access to Korea and Hai Phong corridors in both directions. With twice a week frequency, shippers will benefit from the available weekend and weekday closings for their cargo bookings. This is another milestone for Interasia Lines to participate in Korea Express service coverage for North Vietnam, Hong Kong and Central China. It will also enhance Interasia Lines’ continuing market expansions and confidence of better serving the customers’ diverse needs.